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Moulin Rouge! (HD качество)

Moulin Rouge! (HD качество)

The action of the film takes place in 1899 at the famous paris nightclub. The Moulin Rouge, this is not only a discotheque and a luxury brothel, but also a place where, obeying the irrepressible desire to feel the atmosphere of the holiday, are going to suffer join the beauty, freedom, love and ready to pay for it... cash.

This is a place where together converge tragedy and comedy, the luxurious interiors of the early 20th century and modern music rhythms.

For the love of the most famous courtesan in Paris, brilliant Satin are fighting two men, one of whom is a poor writer of the Christian, with the head of окунувшийся in the crazy world of night entertainment, the second - rich duke, ready to buy the whole of the Moulin Rouge, if only Satin spent the night with him.

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